Think You Know uControl …. Think Again

by tekwurx

Tekwurx uControl isn’t just application modelling on steroids…

When we first launched uControl, it delivered customer benefits against two specific use cases – easier BMC Discovery application modelling and the ability to manage complex BMC Discovery environments from a central place.

With the launch of version 8, uControl is discovery tool-agnostic and the capabilities include:

  • Data analytics and dashboards that assist with improving data quality, identifying blind spots and extending the value of uControl across an organisation.
  • Direct integration with a growing list of CMDBs
  • The ability to use non-discovered CI data to model business apps and services, i.e., you don’t need a discovery tool to model apps.

This additional functionality brings new use cases and extends uControl outside its traditional role in asset management.

Technical Debt

  • Inconsistency between data sets
  • Things not matching across tooling
  • End of Life for device/asset/software
  • The above mapped to asset and business service
    • Think Risk / Security

Business Cost

  • Actual asset footprint against billing file
  • How are these used and where
    • Business Unit/Team/Country
  • Associated with a Business Service

Business Risk

  • Rate of change against business service
    • How many changes?
    • How many incidents?
  • What is the cost of revenue/hour of development?
  • Impact against cost/loss?

Discovery Without Discovery Tools

  • Be better informed before investing.
  • Use in the procurement cycle
  • What do we have? Where?
  • Track the rollout of new tools
    • Identify & remediate the gaps
  • Support the business case

Improve Energy Efficiency & Optimise Costs

For instance, uControl drives the drive to improve energy efficiency and sustainability by identifying unused assets and the associated costs to the business and the environment.

By comparing actual assets against billed assets, uControl helps organisations optimise IT infrastructure spending.

Minimise Risks

Customers use uControl to minimise risks by:

  • Identifying CIs that are nearing their end-of-life/end-of-support
  • Finding security vulnerabilities
  • Reporting on standards compliance
  • Assisting with security audits

Think You Know uControl Webinar

Watch the recording.

About TekWurx

Tekwurx, a UK-based technology consulting company, has been assisting customers in maximising their IT service and operations management tools since 2013. Their consultants support customers and work within their partner and vendor ecosystems to deliver quality services to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Their flagship product, Tekwurx uControl, aggregates IT asset data from any source and defines the relationships between continuous integration (CI), deployment, and delivery‚ÄĒenabling customers to understand their current IT asset landscape.