Automated Gap Analysis and Data Quality Platform

Tekwurx uControl

Deliver a complete service-based view of your estate

TekWurx uControl has been designed as an accelerator in building confidence in the completeness and correctness of your CMDB, enabling you to reduce the time and complexity of working with your data, data sources and automated discovery tools to create a complete and correct service-based view of your IT landscape.

Advanced Analytics

Tekwurx uControl has everything you need to connect and extract data from all your data sources and provides you with easy access to your reporting and dashboards

Blind Spot Detection

Utilise Tekwurx uControl analytics to undertake gap analysis across all your data sources to identify vulnerable blindspots in your IT Asset discovery. Use this data to build a plan for remediation.

Business Service Modelling

Understand how your IT Assets support and provide your business applications by using Tekwurx uControl to produce Business Service Maps. Build these maps on automated discovery data from either BMC Discovery or ServiceNow and monitor those maps for change.

Platform Components

TekWurx uControl has seven core products that are integrated into a single platform. Everything you need to manage and maintain quality of data supporting the service-based view of your IT landscape.

Mutliple Data Source Integrations

Being able to understand whether your current discovery tools are giving you 100% visibility requires analysing multiple data sources.

Take advantage of out of the box integrations to drive blind spot detection and analytics in order to gain full visibility of your current asset landscape.

ServiceNow Bi-directional Integration

Tekwurx uControl now includes a normalisation and reconcilation engine to produce a unique asset and relationship inventory from the connected datasources – including both BMC & ServiceNow Discovery.

You can now use this asset and relationship data to automatically update ServiceNow through the IRE API integration and fully configurable mappings, use ServiceNow data for Blind Spot Gap Analysis and create and manage Business Services.

BMC Discovery Centralised Management

While the tasks will be different, both on-prem and helix cloud deployments of BMC Discovery require adminstration activity. Tekwurx uControl provides a centrlised and automated approach for managing discovery schedules, credentials, discovery analysis, scheduled reporting, upgrades and TKU deployments.

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