TekWurx uControl 7.2 now available via BMC MarketZone

by tekwurx

TekWurx is pleased to announce that TekWurx uControl is now available via BMC MarketZone, coinciding with the release of version 7.2.

TekWurx uControl measures the quality and coverage of discovered IT assets. It compares discovered CIs with what’s in the CMDB and other data repositories and identifies where there are gaps in the discovery process.

Through TekWurx uControl business users can interact with BMC Discovery – consuming reports and creating Business Application Models. They can do this without requiring any training or access to BMC Discovery itself, meaning the business can easily & safely manage and undertake application modelling initiatives.

BMC Discovery administrators can now monitor and manage all of their Discovery appliances from a central location, automating the control of scan schedules, TKU deployments, upgrades and other routine actions.

TekWurx uControl 7.2 also delivers optional ServiceNow integration, meaning that all discovery data collected by BMC Discovery can be used within the ServiceNow platform. Additionally, TekWurx uControl can raise tickets and incidents in ServiceNow when Business Service Model changes and issues are detected within BMC Discovery.

“We continue to build additional functionality into TekWurx uControl to extend the benefits to our users with upcoming releases focusing on data quality analysis & tracking and integrations between 3rd party products” says Steve Hicks, CTO, TekWurx.

For more information about Tekwurx uControl please visit www.tekwurx.com