Discover known and unknown assets within an IT estate and ensure the CMDB is populated with trusted data

TekWurx uControl 7 release

by tekwurx

The goal for Tekwurx uControl 7 was to enable our customers to continuously discover all known, and unknown, assets within an IT estate and populate the CMDB with high-quality, trusted data.

Tekwurx uControl 7 includes many new features:

  • Core Asset DB that delivers improved quality of discovered data to help build more complete application and service maps
  • Tekwurx uControl Teams assigns discovery remediation work to the correct groups, reducing the time to generate accurate CI data
  • Asset incident workflow that tracks the status of asset discovery issues and speeds up the resolution
  • Asset lifecycle workflow to manage a discovered asset from initial discovery to retirement
  • Conditions that raise events for discovery errors or changes to asset data
  • A streamlined user interface & workflow that makes Tekwurx uControl even easier to use for quicker results

Register here for a WebEx demonstration of the new features on Thursday 6th December at 2:00PM GMT.