TekWurx joins ServiceNow Technology Partner Program

by tekwurx

With more of our customers using the ServiceNow platform as part of a multi-vendor IT Service Management landscape, we feel that as a partner it is important that we develop and maintain strong capabilities to implement, support, develop and integrate across our customers’ chosen solutions.

To facilitate this, Tekwurx has joined the ServiceNow Technology Partner Program so that we can offer our customers a complete solution around their IT service management data quality.

We have already released the first integration for our flagship product, TekWurx uControl. This provides the ability to use CIs discovered automatically by 3rd party tools within the ServiceNow platform and will automatically create ServiceNow tickets and tasks based upon discovery data-driven events.

The integration is currently in use in a customer’s production environment, synchronising over 300,000 CIs between their automated discovery tool, BMC Discovery, and the ServiceNow platform. As well as the individual CIs, we are also synchronising application models between the two systems and raising ServiceNow tickets when changes occur in either source. The events are automatically routed to the correct team for resolution. Tekwurx uControl replaced a home-grown scripted integration with an off-the-shelf, expandable and supported solution. “We had an upcoming audit point that required accurate and up to date assets and Business Service models within the ServiceNow platform. With the tight deadlines and volume of data this would have been challenging, if not impossible, to acheive without Tekwurx uControl.” says customer asset manager.

“This is an exciting step for TekWurx which will enable us to offer our customers unique solutions in our vision to become a one-stop-shop for managing the full lifecycle of asset and data quality across increasingly complex IT infrastructure,” says Steve Hicks, CTO, TekWurx.

For more information about Tekwurx uControl please visit www.tekwurx.com