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  • Lowest TCO on the Market and in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Superior User Experience
  • Increased ROI Through Knowledge
  • Codeless configuration
  • Trusted Cloud Infrastructure
  • Commitment to Customer Success

EasyVista: A global leader with over 3,000 customers across businesses of all sizes and sectors, from SMEs to multinational companies.

EasyVista has a singular focus on reinventing service management for the modern community, making it easier to deliver and easier to use. EasyVista automates and personalises service delivery for staff & employees, and other end-users, without a line of code.

For over 20 years, the company has continually refined the product, with modular workflow processes and ITIL best practices. EasyVista is a company with a passion for providing the best possible user experience, whether it is an IT Manager on a desktop or an employee on a mobile phone. Gartner ranks EasyVista among the top three providers in the world in digital workplace solutions-and it ranks first among those same three vendors in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO).

Tekwurx is pleased to partner with EasyVista and bring their innovative solutions to our customers.

EasyVista … Make IT Easy

EV Service Manager

Intelligent Service Management software for today’s enterprise.

EV Reach

Support your users with the most secure remote access solution

EV Self Help

Provide the answers employees and customers need with intelligent knowledge flows

EV Observe

The future-ready monitoring technology to take your ITSM to the next level

EV Service Manager

Proven Service Management Platform – Improve your service support and delivery maturity with a robust automation engine that includes out-of-the-box processes for the entire service management lifecycle.

Employee-Centric User Experiences – Increase self-service adoption and staff productivity with adaptable and smart user experiences.

Low TCO – Reduce service management costs with the combination of cost-effective licensing, codeless configuration tools, and low system administrator overhead.

Trusted Cloud – Ensure security, availability, and transparency with SSAE-18 audited operational processes, big data analytics, and global data centers.

We want to go down the road of simplifying our workflows, and EasyVista’s codeless configuration will be a plus here,” he says. “Ease of workflow has been the case along with EasyVista. “Its pre-configured wizards abstract out complexity so new services can be created in hours.
Head of IT Service,
Civil Aviation Authority

EasyVista has saved Creighton a lot of time … for our Covid response team

Creighton University had previously successfully deployed EV Service Manager with Service Apps to revolutionise their IT department and organise change and release management processes. To meet the needs of the Critical Incident Response Team, they utilised Service Apps to quickly create a request and approval system for both facility access and PPE requests.

EasyVista is a 100% web-based solution with out-of-the-box functionality designed from the ground up as a SaaS offering. This meant it was available at a moment’s notice, anytime, anywhere. From a technical perspective, they know their product better than any other companies we talked to.
Expro Group USA

EV Reach

EV Reach’s process automation technology and remote support access integrated with EasyVista’s solutions will enable support agents to have a comprehensive and exhaustive view of all IT Services from infrastructure to end points. This will make it easier for IT to focus on the user experience and value streams, resulting in a positive impact on the business

Zero downtime – Resolve and manage endpoints with minimal user interaction and interruptions

Increase ticket closure rate – Real-time process automation enabling proactive approach

Improve service desk productivity – Actionable analytics that allow smooth execution of complex tasks

Increase employee satisfaction – Implement proactive selfhealing processes and findings from observability

When you can put a program on a technician’s desktop, and they can open it and use it with little or no training, it’s a win-win. LANDesk and ManageEngine are different. Complex tasks with Alteris are not simple or easy. With EV Reach, it’s straightforward and simple.
Senior Manager, IT Support Team, Asbury Automotive

With EV Reach, we’ve increased our first-call resolution by 95%. In many cases, we can also perform tasks in the background with minimal or no interruption to the user, who can continue to use their phone or manage paperwork undisturbed. Before EV Reach, we had to visit each user’s desktop and interrupt their workflow as we worked at their computer to resolve the issue.
CTO, Kingdon Capital

With EV Reach, we have been able to dramatically improve our time to resolution and the number of issues handled. Now, we can perform tasks such as software installs or printer/driver installations in the same week, sometimes on the same day. Before EV Reach, schools would have had to wait months for some tasks.
Divisional Network Administrator, Frontier School Division

EV Self Help

Reduce Customer and Employee Call Volume – Decrease the number of calls by up to 30% with guided answers to the most common questions, issues, or service requests.

Accelerate Onboarding and Training Time – Shorten employee training by up to 50% with guided learning on new processes and job roles.

Improve Productivity and Key Customer Service Metrics – Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT) and Quality of Service (QoS) by providing step-by-step instructions for complex processes.

Increase your Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction – Deliver real-time 24/7 access to information, answers and services with omnichannel access to support.

Between 2015 and 2016, we increased service availability by 64%. Service Apps will reduce the hands-on work and the follow-up, enabling us to resolve tickets much more quickly.
Director of Global Service Delivery
The Associated Press

EV Self Help is a valuable tool that helps IT and business leaders model and distribute processes through simple, clear web applications. More than 30% of IT incidents are directly resolved by users, while the number of requests has increased by half to 150,000 tickets per year.
Deputy Director of Information Systems

EV Observe

Increase service availability – Real-time monitoring and alerts of supervised assets enabling a proactive approach to keep your business services up and running

Reduce your incident resolution time – Dependency mapping, root cause analysis, and interactive dashboards accelerate incident resolution

Decrease on-call costs – Avoid service downtime by fixing issues before they occur with our future-ready AIOps technology

Transparent and efficient communication – Market your IT Business and service performance metrics with an embeddable IT Health Status widget

Tekwurx EasyMigrate

EasyVista’s out-of-the-box functionality and the Tekwurx EasyMigrate for EV Service Manager methodology will enable your organisation to migrate your existing service management solution in approximately fourteen weeks, achieving incredible ROI.

EasyMigrate is the foundation for building a complete solution for your organisation while incorporating the existing processes and procedures that currently work for you. Your EasyMigrate solution includes EV Foundations providing complete documentation for each in-scope process.

EasyMigrate is the perfect tool for organisations with tight timelines that must achieve rapid ROI without sacrificing the ability to build a robust, fully integrated ITSM solution. You can migrate additional processes to meet your business needs when ready.

By default, our professional services team will implement your EasyMigrate solution remotely to save travel expenses. Alternatively, we can implement on-site if that works better for your organisation.

Key Benefits

  • Lower implementation costs: Lower total cost of ownership – Quicker time to value/ROI.
  • Well-documented process: Out-of-the-box processes are fully documented, leading to a shorter learning curve.

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