Direct integration with no requirement for Pentaho

Simplified BMC Discovery and RemedyForce integration

by tekwurx

With the enhanced integration between Remedyforce and BMC Discovery CI’s can be automatically imported and synchronized without the need for Pentaho.

The Enhanced Integration feature provides the following advantages:

  • Prior to the Remedyforce Winter 18 release, only 6 out of 28 classes were imported. To import any additional classes, Pentaho jobs and mappings had to be created, that is, customization was required. With the Enhanced Integration feature, all 28 classes can be imported without any required customization.
  • Provides a more complete view of one’s datacenter that empowers Remedyforce users across a range of roles to make more informed decisions across all Service Management processes. Following are some examples:
    • Change Management – By providing a more complete view of the datacenter, the Change Manager will be able to perform more comprehensive change impact analysis.
    • Incident Management – The Remedyforce Agent can field a ticket, identify the server and link it to the ticket enabling the team performing the analysis to have more details on that server to better handle the incident ultimately reducing MTTR (mean time to recovery) with accurate data for root cause analysis. The solution can also help prioritize and route tickets based upon an applications business impact.
    • Configuration Management – Many organizations define standard configurations to reduce complexity and management, while also mitigating risk. With a more complete view of one’s datacenter, the Configuration Manager can verify and identify devices not in compliance. This also benefits the Security Team.
    • Asset Management – The Remedyforce Asset Manager can see all servers in use in the datacenter to help determine availability.
    • Software Asset Management – With a catalog focused on datacenter software, the integration can classify, normalize, and import datacenter applications to help the Software Asset Manager understand what exists in their datacenter.
    • Security – The solution supports a range of security activities including documenting inventory for compliance requirements, identifying servers that could be back door entry points and understanding the business impact of a threat and which assets may be affected.
  • Simplified setup and management, moving from customization to configuration by providing new configuration pages and access to logging. Administrators no longer need to write or modify code.


To use this feature, you must have the following minimum versions of Remedyforce and BMC Discovery:

  • Remedyforce 20.18.01
  • BMC Discovery 11.3

It all starts with a free* health check

If you decide that now is the time to migrate your integration then Tekwurx can work with you to ensure the process is a success.

This would also be a great time to assess your current installation of BMC Discovery to understand whether you still need your custom syncmappings (based on new features in v11.3) and how generally the installation has been performing.

Tekwurx will undertake an analysis of your current deployment and discuss with you what the business requirements are from BMC Discovery & RemedyForce. The health check concludes with a report being provided that documents current configuration and any recommendations that should be considered / implemented when moving to the direct RemedyForce Integration. If the “out of the box” syncmappings do not meet your business requirements Tekwurx will also produce a BMC Discovery configuration design that can deliver on those needs.

A health check is one thing but we need help

Our team is here for just that – from providing recommendations for the migration through to assisting with or even undertaken the migration on your behalf.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to make your project a success.

*free health check subject to terms and conditions