The backbone of configuration data management

Tekwurx uControl

The backbone of configuration data management

Tekwurx uControl

by tekwurx
The goal for Tekwurx uControl is simple: Continuously discover all known and unknown assets within an IT estate and populate a CMDB with trusted, high-quality CI data

While the goal may be simple most organisations we engage with have a number of challenges in achieving that goal:

How do we understand our asset baseline?

  • Which assets have been discovered?
  • Which assets failed to be discovered?
  • What assets should we be discovering?
  • What have we discovered that we didn’t know we had?

How do we keep BMC Discovery dynamically up to date with IP ranges?

How do we get BMC Discovery to discover what it doesn’t know about?

How do we identify discovery issues?

  • Where did the device information come from that has the discovery issue?
  • Who is dealing with the discovery issue?
  • Which team should be resolving this?
  • Are the team working on the issue?
  • Do the team understand what needs to be done?
  • What is the current status of the issue?

Are you monitoring Configuration Data Quality?

Too many companies recognise the need for automated discovery and put a lot of effort into deploying a solution, however when they hit “go-live” they seem to think this is the silver bullet. Further down the line they suffer from lack of trust in CMDB configuration data.

Tekwurx uControl helps in automatically tracking discovery issues, gaps in data, issues affecting data collection and correlations between discovered and non-discovered data to ensure you can trust your configuration data.

Are you making use of your data sources?

Not every company runs their business based on a single vendors software. You are more likely to have solutions from different vendors all holding valuable parts of the data jigsaw.

Tekwurx uControl provides integrations between these data sources to ensure that you drive value from your existing investment. An example of this is the direct integration between BMC Discovery and ServiceNow which provides real-time updates between the systems, enables creation of BSM maps in ServiceNow and actionable alerts when discovered data is changed within ServiceNow.

Are you auditing Service Model changes?

Understanding how IT provides services to your business is imperative in order to understand the impact of incidents, outages and change. More important than creating the Business Service map is ensuring that the map is accurate and up to date as an inaccurate map is worse than no map at all.

The Business maps created by Tekwurx uControl use a rule based approach to identify service components from both discovered and non-discoverable data. These rules run automatically and create actionable alerts to identify change, reason for change and suggested related components while also providing an audit history of when the change occurred and who authorised it.

Is discovery delivering 100% coverage?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked and has traditionably been the hardest to answer. If you have purchased a discovery tool to identify network connected assets how do you know if you have discovered 100% of everything?

Through the integration of all the different parts of the data jigsaw, Tekwurx uControl automatically reconciles data sources to help build a picture of what is on the network, what has been discovered and where those gaps are. Moreover, Tekwurx uControl can take that information and drive discovery to close those gaps.

Tekwurx uControl Discovery Dashboard
Tekwurx uControl Admin Dashboard
Tekwurx uControl uMap Dashboard
Tekwurx uControl uManage Dashboard
Create Service Maps in Minutes

Business Service maps can be created in minutes vastly reducing costs and timescales

Alerts for Service Map Changes

Alerting of application map changes allows end users to ensure the models are always up to date.

Centrally Manage BMC Discovery

With the management of every Discovery appliance from one web interface your team spend less time on BAU administrative tasks.

Build Service Maps from Asset data

Use multiple data sources to create Business Service maps to ensure currency and quality of data

Automated and Scheduled Reporting

Make use of the wealth of data held within Discovery & uControl and have these reports automated, scheduled and delivered by mail.

Real Time Data Analytics

Correlate multiple data sources against discovery in real time to track risk, compliance, security and coverage with confidence

Tekwurx uControl Overview

This 30-minute high level online solution demo will show how your organisation can manage BMC Discovery in a single pane of glass, and empower your team with up to the minute dashboards and analytics

Service Modelling with uControl

With the ability to use TPL and SAAM to create Business Application models in BMC Discovery why use TekWurx uControl? Join us while we explore the details of each approach.

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