Trustworthy data is imperative

Data quality is at the heart of what we do.

Trustworthy data is imperative

Data quality is at the heart of what we do.

by tekwurx
Most businesses run on data and bad data can mean bad business decisions. Gap analysis and data quality are the building blocks for Tekwurx uControl 7.

Gaps in discovery coverage

While it may not be possible to close every gap in discovered assets it is important to understand that you have gaps and identify the reason. You do not want to base business decisions on the misconception that you have all the data you need to hand.

Through the integration of all the different parts of the data jigsaw, Tekwurx uControl automatically reconciles data sources to help build a picture of what is on the network, what has been discovered and where those gaps are. Moreover, Tekwurx uControl can take that information and drive discovery to close those gaps.

Manual Changes to CMDB data

End users tend to access data and use reports from the CMDB rather than discovery tools. If an end user believes that data quality is poor or wants to update a Service Model our experience shows that this is most likely to take place directly within the CMDB. In that instant, you now have manual data within the CMDB which may be at odds with discovery data.

Tekwurx uControl helps in automatically tracking discovery issues, gaps in data, issues affecting data collection and correlations between discovered and non-discovered data to ensure you can trust your configuration data. An example of this is the direct integration between BMC Discovery and ServiceNow which provides real-time updates between the systems, enables the creation of BSM maps in ServiceNow and actionable alerts when discovered data is changed within ServiceNow.

Tekwurx uControl uManage Dashboard

Key Benefits

Through the use of Tekwurx uControl and integrations with your data sources:

  • We help identify the gaps in discovery coverage
  • We monitor discovery coverage to help build a regular baseline
  • We help identify issues affecting data collection and correlation
  • We help build trust in the currency of your data

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