From vanilla installs to complex customisations

We make IT asset discovery a source of on-going value.

From vanilla installs to complex customisations

We make IT asset discovery a source of on-going value.

by tekwurx
BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud automates IT asset discovery and application dependency mapping to build a holistic view of all your data centre assets, multi-cloud services, and their relationships.

Tekwurx has extensive experience in architecting and deploying BMC Discovery solutions from single installations discovering a few hundred devices through to 50+ Discovery appliances discovering in excess of 150,000 devices. We are focused on delivering the highest quality project for every client and a typical project engagement consists of:

  • Initial discussion to understand your basic needs.
  • Review your as – is.
  • Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and estimated fees for the project.
  • In-depth workshop to better understand the details, develop design and agree on all major elements of the project deliverables.
  • Produce architecture designs.
  • Deploy agreed design.
  • Undertake UAT testing and production deployment.
  • Create build and configuration documents.
  • Provide knowledge transfer and training sessions.
  • Work with your team on initial BAU remediation activity.
  • Provide ongoing support.
What sets Tekwurx apart as a leading consultancy in BMC Discovery is our ability to customise, integrate and innovate.

The value we bring is not how to deploy an “Out of the box” solution but rather how to make discovery work as a fully integrated part of your business – because not every business is the same.

Our projects have included:

CA PAM Integration

To provide approved, secure management of discovery credentials an integration with CA PAM allowed automated password rotation meeting internal security standards

Custom SID Data Model

Customer had replaced Atrium CDM model with a custom SID model. Tekwurx developed custom TPL to enable direct sync between Discovery & Atrium SID.

Oracle Licensing Extension

Tekwurx worked with our partner, Version 1, to deliver custom TPL patterns which query Oracle database installs for additional parameters required for accurate licensing.

DB Security Audit Extension

Tekwurx extended BMC Discovery to run DBA security checks enabling automated security audits across all SQL DB installations.

Server Security Audit Extension

Tekwurx extended Discovery to capture output of security audit agent along with custom dashboards to show pass/fail checks.

Websphere Application Extension

Tekwurx delivered functionality to automatically model Business Applications and their relationships based on Websphere EAR file.

The Tekwurx Guarantee

All work undertaken directly by Tekwurx is guaranteed for 12 months.

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