STOP writing code

Reduce the complexity of Business Service modelling

by tekwurx

If you are currently engaged in a project modelling your Business Applications -STOP!!!!

Business Service Modelling projects have traditionally been run using the following manual process:

  • Manually define applications to model
  • Manually identify application managers to engage with
  • Prepare email and questionnaire templates for seed data collection
  • Manually distribute email and templates to application managers
  • Review returned questionnaires and contact application managers to close gaps in information provided that is inadequate for modelling
  • Manually search discovery tool data for matching candidates
  • Manually model application
  • Create model sign off documentation
  • Contact application manager to review model and validate acceptance of sign off.

If the above steps resemble how you are currently running you application / service modelling project then you could be wasting significant amounts of time, resource and money.

With BMC Discovery + Tekwurx uControl we’ve made it simple to discover and model your Business Applications with an intuitive tool set that gives your team complete control over the end to end process while reducing the overall project time and cost.

You don’t need a technical consultant, you don’t even need to know what TPL or CAM are or any other scripting language. Everything can be accomplished quickly and easily using an attractive and contextual user interface.

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uControl is a product suite developed by Tekwurx which works with BMC ADDM to substantially reduce the cost and complexity of modeling business services and applications as well as providing proactive application drift alerts and a centralized management platform for all your ADDM appliances.