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Stock Exchange

The challenge was to provide  real time updates from BMC Discovery to ServiceNow CMDB.

This financial services company were undertaking a large, enterprise- wide discovery project delivering the capability of asset discovery and business service modelling for over 12 internal lines of business across 3 continents using BMC Discovery.

At the start of the project the solution had BMC Discovery integrating into BMC Remedy ITSM however, part way through the project, Remedy ITSM was decommisioned and replaced with ServiceNow.

The business identified a list of key objectives:

    • Complete the deployment and roll-out of BMC Discovery
    • Identify Business service dependcies through application


  • Integrate BMC Discovery with ServiceNow CMDB
  • Ensure ServiceNow remains accurate and up to date through realtime updates from BMC Discovery.

The Solution.

Tekwurx, in partnership with the organisation, based the integration to ServiceNow upon the TekWurx uControl platform – a platform that provided an automated, configurable data integration between BMC Discovery and ServiceNow.

The integration enabled the organisation to select the data / nodes / attributes of interest from BMC Discovery, map to required ServiceNow classes and attributes and populate the ServiceNow CMDB with assets and relationships, including Business Service Maps and their dependencies.

Tekwurx uControl provided an option for continuos synchronisation to ensure that ServiceNow reflected realtime updates from BMC Discovery.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • A vendor supported integration between BMC Discovery and ServiceNow CMDB providing realtime updates to ensure accuracy.
  • Rich level of detail on assets and relationships now available within ServiceNow to enhance problem, incident and change
  • Business Service Models mapped through Tekwurx uControl and populated into ServiceNow reducing the complexity and time to value
  • Maximising the existing investment in tooling by providing capability to integrate as opposed to rip and replace
  • Over 500,000 CI’s and relationships synchronised between the tools in real-time
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The challenge was to provide secure integration between BMC Discovery and the CA PAM vault.

The Logistics company has grown from its beginning to a present day corporation operating in over 200 territories with over 100,000 vehicles handling 13 million packages a day.

To ensure high performance, reliability and an understanding of the relationships and dependencies of the systems that support this delivery network the group are implementing a number of initiatives and processes. Underpinning a large number of these initiatives is the accurate supply of automated discovery data via BMC Discovery.

The security around access to systems, account and password management resulted in CA PAM being the centralised authentication vault. BMC Discovery could only be used within the organisation if the credentials used for discovery were managed and maintained within CA PAM.

The Solution.

Tekwurx created an integration between BMC Discovery and CA PAM using the Tekwurx uControl platform which was also being used by the organisation to provide centralised management of multiple BMC Discovery appliances and Application Modelling / Maintenance.

This provides a robust, fully vendor supported integration allowing BMC Discovery to access up to date accounts / credentials that are managed and maintained within CA PAM.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Integration with CA PAM enabling centralised management of all credentials with a 24 hour password rotation policy.
  • Approval from security team to deploy BMC Discovery across organisation
  • A distributed BMC Discovery architecture deployed throughout the organisation providing visibility into assets and relationships within 10 days
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The challenge was to identify system complexities and interdependencies.

The NHS was launched in 1948 with the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all regardless of wealth. The NHS in England deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours and employs around 1.2 million people with a budget of over £120 billion.

Services undertaken by the NHS cover everything including routine screenings, treatment for long term conditions, transplants, emergency treatment and end-of-life care. There are a significant number of IT systems and applications that support the NHS and an “always-on” IT service is imperative.

To support the data center migration project and ensure continued service during the migration the NHS required a baseline of the current in-scope data center infrastructure, system complexities and interdependencies identified and key data provided to enable the design, implementation and migration planning.

The Solution.

Working together with one of our partners, Tekwurx implemented fast, accurate IT asset discovery with BMC Discovery along with TexWurx uControl™, to provide automated discovery of the data center infrastructure across virtual, physical and network devices.

With an automated and regular collection of infrastructure data Tekwurx uControl was used to provide Business Service mapping and monitoring of those Business Services for ongoing change audits.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Existing installation of BMC Discovery that was in poor health replaced and ongoing process implemented to maintain
  • Over 100 Business Services mapped in 20 days resulting in estimated cost saving of over £50,000 compared to traditional methods
  • Visibility into assets and their relationships vital contribution to migration project.
  • Ongoing monitoring of Business Service models provided alerts and audit history of changes during migration project.
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News UK

The challenge was to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

News UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American mass media conglomerate News Corp, is the current publisher of major UK newspapers The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun. News UK journalists and digital development teams start with a blank canvas and create content that educates, informs, and inspires its customers. The Enterprise Technology group provides the advanced information systems that support that canvas. To ensure high performance and reliability of the systems that support content production and distribution, the group is transforming its asset management processes and has implemented robust solutions that help keep the presses rolling and content flowing at News UK.

The Solution.

Working with BMC partners KTSL and Tekwurx, News UK implemented fast, accurate IT asset discovery with BMC Discovery and Discovery for Storage, and Atrium Configuration Management Database (ITIL® CMDB), along with TekWurx uControl™, to improve troubleshooting, business impact analysis, and change management planning.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Improved reliability and performance of systems required for high-speed, on-time publication of content, which is essential to driving production
  • Detailed data enables staff to troubleshoot incidents quickly, cutting mean time to resolution (MTTR) significantly
  • Visibility into assets and their relationships has improved the change success rate measurably.
  • Change-related incidents have been greatly reduced.
  • The storage manager now has an accurate, real-time picture of how storage is configured and how storage volumes relate to the services they support