Improve Business Impact Analysis

News UK

The challenge was to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

News UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American mass media conglomerate News Corp, is the current publisher of major UK newspapers The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun. News UK journalists and digital development teams start with a blank canvas and create content that educates, informs, and inspires its customers. The Enterprise Technology group provides the advanced information systems that support that canvas. To ensure high performance and reliability of the systems that support content production and distribution, the group is transforming its asset management processes and has implemented robust solutions that help keep the presses rolling and content flowing at News UK.

The Solution.

Working with BMC partners KTSL and Tekwurx, News UK implemented fast, accurate IT asset discovery with BMC Discovery and Discovery for Storage, and Atrium Configuration Management Database (ITIL® CMDB), along with TekWurx uControl™, to improve troubleshooting, business impact analysis, and change management planning.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Improved reliability and performance of systems required for high-speed, on-time publication of content, which is essential to driving production
  • Detailed data enables staff to troubleshoot incidents quickly, cutting mean time to resolution (MTTR) significantly
  • Visibility into assets and their relationships has improved the change success rate measurably.
  • Change-related incidents have been greatly reduced.
  • The storage manager now has an accurate, real-time picture of how storage is configured and how storage volumes relate to the services they support