Custom Integration with CA PAM Vault

BMC Discovery and CA PAM integration

The challenge was to provide secure integration between BMC Discovery and the CA PAM vault.

The Logistics company has grown from its beginning to a present day corporation operating in over 200 territories with over 100,000 vehicles handling 13 million packages a day.

To ensure high performance, reliability and an understanding of the relationships and dependencies of the systems that support this delivery network the group are implementing a number of initiatives and processes. Underpinning a large number of these initiatives is the accurate supply of automated discovery data via BMC Discovery.

The security around access to systems, account and password management resulted in CA PAM being the centralised authentication vault. BMC Discovery could only be used within the organisation if the credentials used for discovery were managed and maintained within CA PAM.

The Solution.

Tekwurx created an integration between BMC Discovery and CA PAM using the Tekwurx uControl platform which was also being used by the organisation to provide centralised management of multiple BMC Discovery appliances and Application Modelling / Maintenance.

This provides a robust, fully vendor supported integration allowing BMC Discovery to access up to date accounts / credentials that are managed and maintained within CA PAM.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Integration with CA PAM enabling centralised management of all credentials with a 24 hour password rotation policy.
  • Approval from security team to deploy BMC Discovery across organisation
  • A distributed BMC Discovery architecture deployed throughout the organisation providing visibility into assets and relationships within 10 days