Provide reliable operational data

Investment Bank

The challenge was to deliver a solution to map their architecture efficiently.

As a leading global financial organization the investment bank relies upon a complex, volatile and heterogeneous IT infrastructure to help serve its many corporate, institutional and government clients around the world.

Until recently, a manual inventory was the only approach to identifying an IT infrastructures components, their configuration, their relation to each other and the support they gave business applications.

The bank was concerned that a manual inventory of technology was unworkable. With hundreds of infrastructure changes every day, the data became obsolete even before the mapping project was finished. No sooner was the task completed, that it had to be started again.

The Solution.

The bank’s IT team based their approach on BMC Discovery – setting out to create a system that provided a shared comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date view of all technology layers. Crucially, it would also locate and identify touchpoints between IT and the business.

With BMC Discovery, the bank can associate infrastructure components with the critical applications they support and notify relevant application teams before infrastructure changes are performed. This helps fully assess business risks associated with infrastructure changes.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • 150 potential outages avoided.
  • 30% improvement in inventory accuracy
  • 15% improvement in billing accuracy
  • 185 decommissioned servers identified and removed from data centers
  • 250 sub-optimal servers identified and fixed
  • 40 non-compliant servers identified and fixed