Hyper-V, Storage and Virtual Machines


The challenge was to provide the relationships between Virtual Machines and underlying Storage Disks based upon Microsoft Hyper-V technology

This customer is a Government Organisation based in London, UK. They use BMC Discovery to discover IT infrastructure assets across the organisation and their IT landscape is based upon Microsoft Hyper-V technology

BMC Discovery was also being used for discovery of SAN / Storage devices however the customer had noticed a gap in the discovery data whereby Virtual Machines were not being linked to the underlying SAN / Storage meaning that full dependency relationships to support problem, impact and change were not possible. After raising a support case with BMC Software it was identified that full storage discovery was not supported on Hyper-V platforms.

Tekwurx was approached by the customer to extend the current storage discovery capability to close the gaps on linking Virtual machines to storage when running on Hyper-V Technology

The customer identified 1 key requirement:

  • To provide visibility of Virtual machine disks and the relationship to underlying Storage Volumes in order to support problem, change and incident.

The Solution.

Tekwurx, in partnership with the organisation, built upon the existing Storage Discovery capability provided within BMC Discovery and extended this through the development of custom TPL to support Storage Volume relationship linking to Virtual Machine disks running on Hyper-V platforms.

The TPL based solution uses standard, out of the box, Microsoft OS calls and commands to interrogate the Hyper-V server to provide details of the storage, storage volumes, storage identifiers and Virtual machine mounted disks and file systems. This is then stitched together so that a Virtual Machine and it’s mounted disks and filesystems can be related back to specific storage volume supporting these.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Automated discovery of Storage attached to Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Accurate discovery of dependency relationships between Virtual Machine and underlying storage volume on Hyper-V technology
  • Closure of gaps in out of the box BMC Discovery for storage on Microsoft Hyper-V technology.