Extending ServiceNow for Storage

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The challenge was to extend ServiceNow capability to discover SolidFire Storage devices.

When undertaking a Asset Management and CMDB review the company quickly became aware of a key challenge – gaining a clear view of the IT landscape estate wide including all the relationship dependencies between hardware and software and keeping this view up to date.

Many companies find it difficult to gain, and even more so to maintain, an accurate up to date view of the IT estate yet without this information businesses can find it difficult to effectively and efficiently plan for change and troubleshoot and fix issues when outages occur.

The business therefore identified a list of key objectives:

  • Gain an accurate infrastructure view
  • Improve compliance across the infrastructure
  • Identify dependencies between devices

The Solution.

The organization already had ServiceNow deployed yet were updating the platform through manual data loads. They approached Tekwurx for assistance in creating a system that provided the automated, estate wide view of different storage technologies.

Prior to the capability provided by Tekwurx, if the organization wanted an overview of the storage estate they needed to liaise with multiple teams and take data from various sources and spreadsheets which had been manually gathered and entered.

With a mix of both ServiceNow Discovery for supported storage platforms and the customised integration between ServiceNow and SolidFire Storage Platform this data is now gathered automatically and regularly and presented back to the organization through the ServiceNow platform. The organization can now access estate wide storage inventory information that is always up to date.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Automating storage discovery has enabled up to date configuration data to be available within the ServiceNow platform.
  • The custom API integrations between ServiceNow and Storage Platforms has enabled the collection of currently unsupported storage device details.
  • Accurate configuration discovery has enabled IT policies to be implemented and followed – minimizing risk and improving compliance and standardization.
  • Inclusion of these devices within ServiceNow has enabled the use of Change and Incident management.