We develop integrated, customised asset discovery solutions

Optimise Discovery

The value we bring is not how to deploy an “Out of the box” solution but rather how to design and deliver an integrated asset discovery solution that adds value to your business – because not every business is the same.

A common requirement is to export discovered data into another platform, such as a relational database, where it can easily be integrated with other systems or used for reporting. This database can be BMC Atrium CMDB, ServiceNow or a custom built schema.

With our deep experience of asset discovery solutions (including BMC Discovery and ServiceNow) and more importantly the underlying data model and its relationships we can help design and build almost any data integration process.

Server Security Audit Extension

Tekwurx developed custom solution to capture output of security audit agent along with custom dashboards to show pass/fail checks.

Websphere Application Extension

Tekwurx delivered functionality to automatically model Business Applications and their relationships based on Websphere EAR file.

ServiceNow & SolidFire Storage

Tekwurx created custom API integration between ServiceNow and SolidFire to enable query and discovery of storage platform and relationships

Custom SID Data Model

Customer had replaced Atrium CDM model with a custom SID model. Tekwurx developed custom TPL to enable direct sync between Discovery & Atrium SID.

Oracle Licensing Extension

Tekwurx worked with our partner, Version 1, to deliver custom TPL patterns which query Oracle database installs for additional parameters required for accurate licensing.

CA PAM Integration

To provide approved, secure management of discovery credentials an integration with CA PAM allowed automated password rotation meeting internal security standards

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An IDC analysis of the cost savings and business benefits of organizations using BMC Helix Discovery found significant value including:

  • 549% average ROI over five years
  • 5.4-month payback period
  • 57% reduction in unplanned downtime
The Tekwurx Guarantee

All work undertaken directly by Tekwurx is guaranteed for 12 months.

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