No-Cost, Agentless integration with BMC Discovery

Include your mainframe data in Business Service models

by tekwurx

uControl delivers integration of mainframe data and ADDM without the need to deploy agents – enabling the inclusion of mainframe data within the simplified modelling workflow of uMap.

BMC Discovery undertakes mainframe discovery as part of a normal discovery scan. The advantages of undertaking mainframe discovery include an automated and rapid inventory of hardware and subsystems and the ability to include and therefore understand the link between mainframe infrastructure and business services.

However BMC Discovery cannot natively discover z/OS systems and requires BMC Atrium Discovery for z/OS to be installed on the z/OS system – which is a separately licensed product from BMC. In order to discover all mainframes and LPARS, a BMC Discovery for z/OS agent must be installed on every LPAR and at least one MainView Explorer (host Server) must be running on each CEC (mainframe).

Tekwurx have worked with a number of clients where there has been a requirement to discover mainframe components and more importantly map business services (applications) to mainframe jobs – however due to technical / organizational constraints it has not been possible to deploy or use Atrium Discovery Agents or MainView. Tekwurx have therefore developed the capability to integrate mainframe data, along with components and jobs, with BMC Discovery to enable a complete view and map of infrastructure and business services to include mainframes – without the need for deploying agents or MainView components.

Tekwurx uControl incorporates this mainframe functionality and therefore enables the inclusion of mainframe data into the simplified application modeling workflow provided with uMap.

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