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HDMaaS – Helix Discovery Migration as a Service

by tekwurx

Organisations that want to build an IT Service Management processes understand that providing it with high-quality, accurate, and complete CIs is an essential part of the process

We regularly hear that some areas of the business are missing or that CIs are out of date. In one instance, the service management team developed their processes to avoid the CMDB!

There are many sources of asset-related data in most enterprises, spread across different teams and business units. CI data exists in spreadsheets, various specialist tools, and automated asset discovery tools like BMC Discovery.

Ideally, the automated discovery tool would be the single source of truth and synchronise high-quality & complete asset data with the CMDB. In practice, this is often difficult because of the disparate data sources used within the organisation.

Tekwurx is well-known as a leader in delivering asset discovery projects and regularly assist our customers in gaining 100% discovery coverage. We use a combination of years of experience and Tekwurx uControl to gather and analyse CI data from various sources. Based on this analysis, we develop a plan to improve the automated discovery process to fill in the gaps, improve data quality and drive towards 100% discovered assets.

This approach can also assist customers moving from on-premises based discovery tools to BMC Helix Discovery in the Cloud. In a recent example, we moved a customer from BMC Discovery to Helix Discovery. Using Tekwurx uControl, we compared the discovered CIs before and after moving to Helix, which meant we could identify issues with discovery more quickly, leading to a faster and more complete migration. This analysis includes Business Application Models, the component assets and the relationships between then – ensuring that the models within BMC Discovery remain consistent and more importantly that the data model synchronised to the CMDB is consistent.

In the above example, we delivered an on-premises BMC to Cloud BMC solution. However, this approach is applicable for any discovery migration, irrespective of the technology used.