Faster insights from your network data

Entuity Network Analytics

Faster insights from your network data

Entuity Network Analytics

by tekwurx

Entuity’s network monitoring and analytics software helps you get the best out of your network, leaving you to focus on what matters.

Simple Network Management Software

In a 7×24, always-on business climate, Entuity Network Analytics ensures that crucial networks are consistently available and performing—because the network is the foundation of all businesses. Entuity Network Analytics enterprise-class network management solution continually keeps up with the evolving changes in IT and can easily share data with 3rd party applications such as BMC TrueSight for a far-reaching management platform that includes Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps).

Entuity is easy to use, can be deployed in 20 minutes, includes 150+ out of the box reports and has a quick time to value.

Smart Network Monitoring

IT agility is key in today’s fast-moving digital world. Networks are complex, producing thousands of alerts every day. To quickly and efficiently solve problems, you need fewer alerts without sacrificing the intelligence.

Entuity’s out-of-the-box network monitoring uses event rules, event suppressions and conditional triggers to reduce alerts to a manageable number.

Incidents and events dashboards show alerts on individual components (switches, routers, ports) or across the whole network. ENA network management software consolidates network alerts and gives you back your time.

Service Management

The network is responsible for delivering great service and experiences to users. Entuity has designed network management software that encompasses all aspects of service management, not just one element. Architected for proactive network monitoring and incident management, Entuity Network Analytics enables you to measure mean time to restoring service (MTRS), showing you when a service is fully available once restored.

With ENA, you can model network resources to the business services they deliver and see how your network components relate to real business outcomes. Use Entuity Services to check:

  • availability of Branch services, such as bank branches, store branches or remote offices.
  • service redundancy, for example, receive alerts if your main ISP goes down and your redundant ISP kicks in.
  • high-level network health from a CIO Service overview.
Network Discovery

Continual network discovery provides an always up-to-date device inventory of your network assets. ENA shows you more data than any other network monitoring solution.

Live Network Topology

Dynamic network topology maps offer comprehensive visibility of your network, locally and worldwide. Drill down into individual devices and ports and see impacting network incidents.


ENA provides over 100 reports out-of-the-box to give you a comprehensive toolbox of analytics. A drag-and-drop custom report builder gives you the power to create your own.

Event Managment

An advanced event management system organizes network alert data into higher-level incidents. Raised in response to one or more events, they allow you to focus on what’s important.

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