Upgrading from version 7 to version 9

Has your Control-M/Agent gone 32-bit?

by tekwurx

In our experience, upgrading version 7 Control-M/Agent on Linux to version 9 Control-M/Agent on Linux upgrades to 32-bit only and not the 64-bit version that you get with a fresh install of version 9.

Although the 32-bit version still works OK, if at a later date you want to install Application Plug-ins (AKA control modules) such as Control-M for Hadoop or Control-M for PeopleSoft then you have to have the 64-bit version of the Agent.

The way to do this is a full uninstall followed by an install as follows:

If Application Plug-ins are already installed on the Agent, then these should be copied somewhere safe as the Agent uninstall will also uninstall the Plug-ins. In addition, make a backup of the /ctm/data & /ctm/cm directories and save the .rchrc from the Control-M/Agent home directory.

To uninstall the Agent:

  1. Stop the Agent
  2. In the Agent home directory go to /BMCINSTALL/uninstall/DRKAI.7.0.00 and run ./uninstall.sh as the Agent user
  3. The Agent and any Plug-ins will be uninstalled

To install the new Agent:

  1. Mount the relevant ios file that you have downloaded from the BMC downloads website
  2. Change directory to the Control-M/Agent home directory
  3. As root run the setup.sh script from the mounted ios file
  4. Enter all the relevant details
  5. When complete, logout of the server then log back in
  6. As the Agent user run ag_diag_comm to check connectivity to the Control-M/Server & resolve any issues

Next, install the latest fixpack.

  1. Download the latest fixpack from the BMC download website
  2. Stop the Agent and install the fixpack as the Agent user
  3. Once complete, restart the agent and rerun ag_diag_comm and check for any issues.
  4. Compare the current .rchrc file with the one saved earlier and make any necessary changes.

If any Application Plug-ins were previously installed:

  1. Download the latest versions from the BMC downloads website
  2. Install and apply fixpacks
  3. Once complete, copy any account files from the Application Plug-ins saved earlier to the new ones
  4. Run Control-M test jobs to ensure that all is working correctly.

When everything has been running correctly for a few days and you are satisfied that there are no issues then tidy up the files that you saved.